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How Should A Women Make The First Move?

If you are that particular woman who thinks that men hate women who make the first move, then you are terribly wrong. In fact, men just love it when women make the first move. In a survey on an online dating site, over 96% men love it when women sent them a message first on the dating platform like amolatina., amolatina

In addition, what man wouldn’t want that to happen to him? When a woman lets him know that she is interested in him, it just takes the pressure off of him. However, this might be something courageous for a woman to do, especially when she doesn’t know what to say.

  1. Just A Hi

Men aren’t hard as you think. They are pretty easy, and that’s what makes them like even a simple ‘hi’.

As men get fewer messages than women on online dating sites like Amolatina when you sent him a Hi or a Hello first, it makes you really stand out. Because of this even a simple hello can go a long way.

  1. What is next?

Once you say hi, or a hello, and get a response, what will you say next?

The one thing that men usually do to make their women happy, and women rarely do is complimenting. Women hardly take their time to say something nice to their male counterpart unless they feel it’s necessarily important.

But the thing that most of them doesn’t realize is that men really love hearing compliments. To compliment him on something, firstly go through his profile, and find something about him.

If it’s written in his profile that he is an avid reader or an adventure enthusiast, then don’t hesitate to text him that you like it about him. Or else, go through his pictures and if you recognize any of the locations text him about it.

Letting him know that about even the minutest things in his profile, and photos can be a great way to initiate a conversation.

  1. Talk About Yourself.

While online dating like Amolatina, talking about yourself can relieve the atmosphere. Maybe you are new to the neighborhood that you are currently in, or you have grown a liking towards gardening, you could tell him all about that and it’s guaranteed that you will have a longer conversation.


But make sure that you don’t talk about the Earth Summit, or the political issues going on in the world unless you think that he is a complete nerd.  Try to make your conversation more interesting and attractive that makes him want to talk with you more.

That was it. All that’s required to break the ice when initiating a conversation with a man. Now if you have found this particular person you love in Amolatina, then don’t hesitate but text him right away. Consider the things that you think they would like to hear, and shoot a hello. You would actually be surprised to find that it’s pretty easy to get the things rolling.


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