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Like most websites these days, uses cookies. Below is our cookie policy that explains what cookies are, how they are used, the types of cookies uses, your choices regarding cookies and other information.

1. What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are sent to your computer by your web browser and the website you visit. The cookie file allows the website or a third­party to recognize you and make your next visit easier and more useful to you.

2. Our site

When you first visit our site, we inform you of our use of cookies. If you wish to disable or delete these or any other cookies, you may do so any time by changing the settings of your browser. Here is some helpful information on how to do it:

3. What types of cookies does use

– Cookies provided by Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is an analytics platform that will allow us to gather statistics about your visit. The info we collect cannot be used to identify you as it is entirely anonymous.

It collects data like (but not limited to):

Which pages a user visited
The city and country they visit us from
How long they browse our site

Google Analytics’ cookies are stored in your browser for two years or until they are deleted. You can learn how to do it by visiting the link above. The data is retained permanently but you have the right to ask us to remove it from Google’s database. As soon as Google makes their data removal tool available, we’ll post it here.

Any data collected by Google is subject to Google’s own Privacy Policy:

– Cookies that tell us whether you have accepted cookies on this site or not.

4. How ​is this information used

The anonymous statistics we gather from Google Analytics is only used to make improvements to our website and to serve you better content. For example, if we see a lot of users visit us from Germany, we might decide to offer a German version of the site. Or if lots of visitors leave after reading one particular page, we can conclude that page needs improvements.

The data is necessary for analyzing historical data and understanding our website better.

5. How to control cookies

If you want to delete cookies or refuse them altogether, please visit the website mentioned above or the help pages of your web browser.

Even though it’s possible to refuse cookies, it is not recommended as you may lose some functionality of the site and some of the content may not display correctly.

If you want to learn more about cookies, visit