Five Ideas to Surprise Your Man

Five Ideas to Surprise Your Man

To bounce back on the first impulses of a relationship, you have to know how to Surprise Your Man. If you’re out of ideas, let yourself be guided…

Plan A Surprise Visit

Your partner is very involved in his work and spends many hours in the office? If you have a few hours of freedom during the day, why not pay him a visit ? In the morning, for example, to share his breakfast, or during his lunch break, to enjoy a moment for two and brighten up his day… So many little attentions that will probably make him very happy!

Try naughty SMS – Surprise Your Man

If you are used to communicating by SMS, why not change the content a bit? Dare naughty messages , send him subtle or unequivocal text messages, according to your desires and your inspiration… Amused and certainly a little exhilarated, he will be looking forward to seeing you again in the evening.

Suggest A Romantic Activity

Pick up your man, as soon as he leaves the office, and tell him, at the last moment, what activity you have in store for him. A duo massage , the concert of a group that you both like, or the match of his favorite team… You will enjoy moments of relaxation as a couple, like a sweet parenthesis in everyday life, while creating your pleasant memories.

Offer Him an Unusual Welcome – Surprise Your Man

In the evening, sometimes greet your man unexpectedly. Opening the door to him in the simplest way, for example, will surprise him… and delight him!

Imagine an unexpected “kidnapping”

Finally, remove your partner for a few hours or a few days… and go on an adventure! Nothing like a weekend, to take a break and escape from everyday life, forgetting all your worries. In addition to allowing you to find each other again, this getaway will surely satisfy your lover!

Five Ideas to Surprise Your Man

It’s tempting, of course, especially in the first hours of a breakup. However, there are messages that you should never send to your ex, on pain of being taken for a noodle, or/and of bitterly regretting it afterwards.

” I miss you ” – Surprise Your Man

Yes, you miss him/her. And yes, it is hard. But this kind of messages will surely not encourage him to come back and throw himself into your arms. He (She) will see it as a cry for help – which he (She) will not answer . Come on, a little nerve, we recover and we try to remember the negative points of your couple and the faults of your ex. If, yes, he (she) had some, look carefully!

“Would you like to have a drink with friends?” »

No one calls their ex back to offer him a “friendly” outing. Not without an ulterior motive. Two possibilities: he (she) says yes to you and he (she) takes advantage of your vulnerability to afford a torrid night and leave you again in the early morning. Either he (she) says no and your heart (still) hurts. Either way, it’s a bad idea.

“I’m sorry, forgive me…” – Surprise Your Man

To write those words, you need a good reason. If you’re the one who hurts and got dumped, don’t put yourself down any further by asking forgiveness. If it was you who made him suffer, apologize to him verbally, it’s better!

“Give me one night. One last night »

No, no and no ! Desperate sexts or naughty photos are pathetic and above all very sad. Come on, pull yourself together: you are much better than that!

“Do you remember the day when…”

A great classic. We remind him of a song we liked to listen to together, a trip where we fell in love, a restaurant where we liked to go together and we hope to trigger forgotten feelings in him. Except that in most cases, Chéri(e) doesn’t feel much, except pain, even pity for you. We forget !

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