5 Signs That Prove That You are Ready to Fall in Love

5 Signs That Prove That You are Ready to Fall in Love

Are you afraid of suffering again, afraid of Ready to Fall in Love on the wrong person, or afraid, this time, of never getting over it? You have been closing the door to love for months. But are you ready to fall in love again? Here are 5 unmistakable signs.

Your ex? You don’t care anymore

The first condition to be ready to fall in love again is to succeed in drawing a definitive line on the past. Heal his wounds, settle his accounts and be ready to turn the page. If the evocation of your ex with another woman does not matter to you, it’s won… Go on, on to the next one!

You no longer run away when you are hit on

Until recently, you looked away and turned on your heels at the slightest male approach. But today, the interested gaze of men no longer scares you, on the contrary: you appreciate it to the point of playing the game of seduction , even with a stranger you meet in a café!

You make yourself beautiful to go out

If you start to dress up again, there’s no doubt: not only are you better about yourself, but you also want and need to please. You are ready to plunge back into the ballet of seduction and therefore take the risk of falling in love again…

You dare to take the first step

Even better: when you like a friend of a friend, you don’t hesitate to give him sexy looks and you even manage to get your phone number (miraculously) into his hands.

You no longer cry over romantic comedies

It no longer breaks your heart, nor plunges you into depression to see Love Actually or Coup de Foudre in Notting Hill over and over again. On the contrary: it makes you dream and it makes you want to experience the same thing! No doubt: you are ready to be pierced again by Cupid’s delicious arrow…

love signs It’s hard to say goodbye after the first date when you’re dying to stay in his arms until the end of the night!

5 Signs That Prove That You are Ready to Fall in Love

A kiss, just one, on one cheek

The polite and shy goodbye often concludes a first date, even a successful one. This is a wonderfully romantic sentimental approach. A simple kiss on the cheek puts an end to a date full of promise. We hardly dare touch each other. Yet, we feel a deep attraction for each other. However, avoid the very frank kiss which, in turn, suggests a friendly outcome (at best).

“I have to go, but…” – Ready to Fall in Love

You will simply claim a professional, friendly, family obligation to end this meeting, while making him understand that you want to see him/her again quickly. The goal is not to extricate yourself from a problematic situation , but rather to keep a part of mystery, to make the other feel that you are not an easy person…

Suggest another date – Ready to Fall in Love

You don’t want to leave the person who surprised you and made you laugh throughout the evening. However, you cannot ask him to follow you home . The solution: leave on a positive note by immediately giving him an appointment for dinner the next day where everything will then be possible…

Dare the movie kiss – Ready to Fall in Love

You are on his doorstep. Tell him that you had a wonderful evening, that you want to see him/her again very soon. Feel yourself growing wings. You caress his cheek tenderly, looking him/her straight in the eye, then you kiss him like you’ve seen them do in the movies.

Invite him/her for a nightcap

Reason tells you to let him go and wait patiently for the second date. Your heart urges you to invite her to your house for a last drink and more if you like… Be careful, you are playing a dangerous game . Your adventure is in danger of coming to an end after just one night of tender passion.

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