How a Man Last Longer in Bed to Satisfy?

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Man Last Longer in Bed. – This is a question that is worrisome for most men about how they can last longer in bed to satisfy their partner. But, men should also be aware that the same thing is a concern for women as well. And, it’s natural for both men and women to have a craving for getting indulged in sexual activities throughout the night. However, it’s generally seen that the intercourse session ends too soon and eventually, making the couple unsatisfied.

The Top Sexual Techniques to Man Last Longer in Bed

Here are a few useful techniques and strategies for you to last longer in bed. By delaying the time of ejaculation:

Experimenting With Various Sex Positions:

It’s vital for a man to know that the stimulation caused to the underside of the penis is what determines the period of ejaculation. The more the stimulation, the less time a man will take for ejaculation. It happens because the most sensitive part of a man’s body is the underside of the penis. However, there are various sex positions that you can experiment with to man last longer in bed during your sexual intercourse session.

The two most effective sex positions are ‘cowgirl’ and ‘spooning’. Subsequently, these two positions help in reducing the overstimulation of a penis. Further, if you feel like experimenting with such similar positions. Then all you have to ensure that the woman is in a more dominant position. And other positions that end up in keeping the pelvic muscles and legs of the man in a relaxed position.

Addressing the Issue of Performance Anxiety:

The primary cause of early ejaculation of a man is the issue of performance anxiety. The worst thing is that only a small amount of anxiety or stress can make a man go completely out of control. The best way to counteract stress hormones is by exercising regularly. Further, exercising regularly also produces a pleasurable endorphin buzz in a man’s body.

And it’s not about getting involved in hardcore training sessions or workouts. But, for maintaining psychological wellbeing, performing routine stretching exercises on a daily basis is enough. At the same time, you have to be careful about your caffeine consumption and ensure that you don’t consume much of it. And, having caffeine-related beverages just after lunch might adversely affect your sleep cycle.

Make Her Orgasm First: Man Last Longer in Bed

Initially, a man should put more effort into arousing her partner’s sense before getting indulged in the process of penetration. Subsequently, you can do that by cuddling, kissing her softly on her sensitive parts like neck, ear lob, etc., foreplays, using sex toysetc. This will give you much confidence while proceeding towards penetration. As you have already given some pleasure to your partner with your kisses, sex toys, and all other ways. And, mostly when you are a first-timer, doing all these ends up releasing all the mental pressure.

Subsequently, you are free to use other sex toys which can be penetrated until you find the G spot inside her vagina. Consequently, once you find it using sex toys, now not only will you be able to last longer in bed, but you will always give her the ultimate pleasure during sex. Lastly, all you need to keep in mind is that it’s still advisable to take some time to cool off after making her orgasm so that you don’t get too aroused to ejaculate sooner.

Try Using Delay or Thick Condoms:

According to a recent survey, most men are observed to have prolonged intercourse sessions when they use a few specific condoms. Some of them are even known to last the entire night without ejaculating while using these condoms. Subsequently, that’s the reason why you’ll find condom companies also offering an enormous variety of condoms on the aspect of the thickness of the product. Therefore, it becomes crucial to select a condom brand that offers extra thickness and strength. And, the thickness of the condom is what will prevent your penis from getting too much lubricated and eventually. Will help you in having a sustainable ejaculation and last longer.

Masturbation Before Sex or Between Sessions:

In order to ensure that you have a prolonged second intercourse session, it’s better to masturbate before you have sex. But the only issue in following this is that you might disappoint your partner when you ejaculate for the first time. Subsequently, you can fix this issue by masturbating alone, just before going to have sex. But, be careful while doing, as the timing is very crucial.

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You should always know that the time of the intercourse session expands with age. Therefore, if you feel that you have crossed the age of 40. Then you should be considering masturbating a day before getting indulged in sex with your partner. Eventually, this will help you last longer in bed and give your woman a fulfilling experience.

Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs: Man Last Longer in Bed

There are a few men who consume alcohol and various drugs in order to last longer in bed. But what is wrong with that? According to a recent study, a few substances like marijuana, nicotine. And different alcoholic beverages can adversely affect a man’s health and cause severe sexual dysfunction.

After considering all the tips mentioned above. You are ready to prolong your intercourse sessions and last much longer than you did previously. Therefore, be prepared to give your partner a fulfilling experience by using all the techniques mentioned above.

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